Landscaping Services in Reno, NV

Landscaping Reno NV

Blue Mountain offers a wide range of landscaping services in Reno, NV area.

You have the option to choose your own design or can get help from our careful planning and execution too.

Custom landscape installation

Throughout the process of custom landscaping design, We consequently present our plan to the client for review and approval.

Correspondingly we will prepare your yard for the installation while for the protection of these projects the use of security fencing is the best choice for this. We can install anything from a small flower bed retaining wall, fire pits to landscape lighting and water features. You can simply contact us to schedule an on-site consultation.

Landscape renovation

With decades of expertise and experience, landscape renovations are a number of our specialties. And hence nice opportunities to enhance the looks of a home and property.

However, Maybe you need enhancements to a particular space, a new hardscape project, or a whole renovation. Therefore, We work with owners to make scalable solutions for their properties. Moreover, Landscape renovations are designed to suit our customers’ desires. Therefore, we try to maximize the sweetness and functionality of their landscapes. Instead of constructing a new landscape from the ground up, we tend to produce an inspiration for the prevailing space to be repurposed over a period that matches our customers’ needs.

From the initial style to budgeting to installation, we normally complete all landscape renovations with our in-house consultants.

Landscape maintenance

We facilitate clients manage the health of their trees and shrubs through supplemental or seasonal landscape maintenance services. Therefore, It could be like subsurface watering of trees and shrubs or deer repellent and snow removal.

However, We can give mulch and bed maintenance services to stay your shrubs and flower beds healthy and enticing. In addition, we may give vegetation control and seasonal color displays to reinforce your landscape.

Common Residential Landscaping and Commercial Landscaping Services

Notably, Our company offers a variety of services for our residential and commercial clients. These can include:


  • Seasonal clean-up
  • Tree trimming and/or removal
  • Lawn edging
  • Garden bed care and weeding
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Weekly Mowing
  • Sprinkler and irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Professional Landscaping Services

Quality landscaping focuses on:

Creating green spaces that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Conserving water with proper site grading, soil type, and drainage systems.

Preserving local ecology and reducing pests by using native plants.

Also, creating unique designs that combine different elements. Most of all, flowerbeds, trees, ornamental plants, grass, lighting, stonework, water features and much more.

Why you need Blue Mountain landscaping services

  • Great looking, sustainable and functional landscape
  • Several visual benefits such as the well-trimmed hedges and trees, colorful flowerbeds, the water features of decorative accessories etc.
  • Experience clean environment, air, cooling properties, reduce noise
  • Keeping your water supplies healthier
  • Increase the property value of your home
  • Landscaping services that are able to enhance your home security
  • high-quality materials while ensuring your home are the envy of the neighborhood
  • You can save your time and don’t need to take time out of your busy schedule
  • Our service is cost-effective because we ensure your lawn and garden stays healthy and verdant for a long time
  • Especially, We are highly experienced, skilled and professional who can ensure that your yard is designed to thrive
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