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Blue Mountain Handyman Services is the perfect addition to your world because of how vast our professional services are. We are skilled, insured and have varieties of handyman skills. We tackle every project with professionalism and a high-level of expertise.

Some of our customers use us repeatedly for small “honey-do” lists or common handyman tasks and other procure our different types of handyman services for larger house-altering additions.

When you work with our team, regardless the size of your project, what you’ll notice is how committed our customer service is. We will first meet with you to discuss your job. From step A to step Z we will tell you exactly what you need. If you already know what you want, then we’ll find the perfect method to finish the job.

We will ask you about your timeline and your specifications for the job. Once we work up our quote, we’ll go over it with you line by line. We are committed to being completely transparent with handyman service rates and you will know up-front exactly what the cost will be for any repair we take on.

Once you commission our work, you can count on us to get the job done on the timeline we promised. You will never have to worry about missed deadlines or going over budget. Our commitment is to tell you what we are going to do and then do it!

Our List of Handyman Services-

 Basements :

We are great at finding more room for you to use as storage, or even building a finished basement for you. It could be turning your basement into a wonderful, livable space for the entire family, you can count on our handyman services experts to bring it to life. We can create the game room, home theater, office, exercise room, extra bedroom or playroom, installing convenient shelving and making your basement the perfect family room setting. Let us know what you want to do with your extra space and we’ll get the job done. Or, you can let us help you build the vision of what is the perfect use of space for your family. More and more homeowners are looking to maximize every inch of their home and we can help you do just that, you can also get help for commercial resin flooring if you need to!

 Home Assessments :

Speaking of maximizing space, what better way to do it than to organize your life with shelving and storage units? At Blue Mountain handyman services we are experts at installing built-ins to make your life easier. We know what it is like to have a busy family and manage a career. Having the right tools to keep you organized can make it infinitely easier. Let us give you our best tips on organizing your household so that everything has a place when you need to find it in a rush!

 Bathrooms :

Your bathroom is likely one of the most frequently used rooms in your house. That’s why it has to be efficient and safe. We can help you to make sure that everything in your bathroom is up to par and working perfectly. We also can help you with custom installs—think of heated towel bars, shelving for small items, decorative pieces or high-efficiency shower heads—we can do it all! However, We also are great at making bathrooms safer. Some of our clients are aging and need the special assistance of a strategically placed bar or a specialized bathtub. We can install both to not only add to the functionality of the room but to make it safe for everyone involved.

 Garage :

Very few people use their garages just to house their vehicles. The garage usually is the storage space for bikes, lawn equipment, toys, garbage, a workshop, etc. Without organization, it can end up being one of the messiest places in your home. Let us work with you to create the perfect layout that is utilitarian and neat looking. We know how to make the most of floors space by using shelving, dividers, hooks, mounts, etc. Head over to our handyman services and explain to us what you want with your space and we’ll make it happen.

 Kitchens :

By far an upgrade to your kitchen, such as installing a beautiful backsplash for kitchens, is the one thing that homeowners everywhere know adds to the value of a house. Just think of a beautiful home you have recently been in that has a seriously outdated kitchen. New buyers look at the kitchen first. They want to know that it is situated properly with the layout, it has the tools they need to fix meals conveniently and easily, and that it looks good. More and more families are gathering in the kitchen, rather than the dining room, for meals. At Blue Mountain Handyman Services, we know the value of family and want to help you create the custom kitchen you have always dreamed of. Just let us know your vision, or let us help you come up with it. We’ve done both so we have the experience to make the kitchen the show-stopping room of your house.

 Attic :

The attic is another space where homeowners tend to throw things and forget about them. Without a clear-cut plan on how to manage the space, it can be completely wasted or at the minimum, underutilized. Let us work with you to maximize this space too. We can help you to use it as storage, or to create something even nicer—an extra bedroom, an office, a library, etc. The bottom line is that unused space is never efficient. You may have a ton of space in your attic just waiting to be developed into an efficient spot for your entire family. Choose our handyman services and explain your family’s needs and let us help you create the attic of your dreams.

 The Office :

More and more homeowners are moving into self-employment—whether full- or part-time. This means that it is critical to have a space around your home that is dedicated to your work. We can help you plan that space. Whether you need shelving for decorations and storage, furniture built or a window installed, we can help you create the perfect workspace to get your job done. Whether you need shelving installed, furniture built or a room finished, we can help you to get everything set up. Click here to ask help and information.

 Living & Dining Rooms :

Don’t forget that sometimes your living room and dining room need some attention. Do you have hardwood floors that have seen better days? We can restore them. Do you have a dining room with a horrid color or hideous wallpaper? We can strip the color or wallpaper off and start fresh with a design you love. Do you have furniture that needs to be assembled? We can help you get that large 8-seater oak table in place and built perfectly. Just let us know and we will be the complete support you need to maximize your rooms.

 Bedrooms :

Do you want to have a better night’s sleep? Or, do you want to be more relaxed in your room? Studies have shown that the color of your bedroom walls has an effect on your mood. This not only affects you now, but it affects your mood throughout work, errands and everyday life. Just let us know what you want—if it’s a specific color or wallpaper, or even wall treatment, we can help. We also can install curtain rods to decorate. We have seen how powerful the right calming color can assist you in having the right “vibe” for work. Plus, it makes things downright pretty to come home to, you can also check to similar site like for more info.

 Deck & Patio :

Our work is not just limited to the indoors—we also work with decks. If you need a deck repaired or power washed, we can handle the job. At Blue Mountain Handyman Services we have plenty of experience working outdoors. We know how to make your house scream with curb appeal. If you are looking to get outside and make full use of your home, then this is perfect. We can help you envision your ideal backyard and create it for you. Remember our argument on wasted space? You don’t want to ignore your land. Here is where you can take full advantage of it for beautiful nights out on the back porch or around the fire pit.

 Landscaping :

Blue Mountain handyman services offer comprehensive landscaping services in Carson City NV area. You might need grass cut, or bushes trimmed. You may need pavers or bricks set. We are experts at working with outdoor tools to make your yard—both back and front—look fantastic. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll come up with the perfect plan to make it happen. We also can schedule you for repeated maintenance throughout the spring, summer and fall months so you will never have to worry about maintaining your yard again.

 General Painting :

Touch-ups and Finishing. Whatever the look you are trying to reach is, let us know. Our experts know how to work with various paints and finishes to get the exact design, also we offer services like playground painting of any design you want. Remember that we have done hundreds of wall treatments so we know exactly how to handle any type of décor goal you have. Also- if you have any drywall issues, we can easily fix them like nothing was ever damaged. If you moved furniture, had an impromptu ball throwing game indoors or just accidentally made a hole in your wall, Just stay relaxed. We can take care of it faster than just about anyone in the Carson City NV area.

 General Plumbing :

No one wants a plumbing disaster but they happen. You have to be prepared and we can help you do that! If you have a leak, let us know. The single most harmful thing that a house has to deal with is water. Think of how wood absorbs water and water erodes cement over time. Small issues can become much larger ones without some intentional focus on keeping things in tip-top shape. That’s where we come in. Let us do an assessment of your home and we will find any unseen leaks or areas that may be compromised by water leaks. We can take care of these for you to avoid large replacement costs when the damage is too far gone.

 Carpentry :

Blue Mountain offers Professional & Reliable, Domestic & Commercial handyman carpentry services near you. We are specialized in fitted bedroom furniture, fitted wardrobes, bookshelves, kitchens, TV/ media cabinets, internal/ external doors, wooden floors installation, basic woodworking repairs, and building of fencing and decks. Our team is ideal for working with wood so just let us know the scope of your project and we can schedule you in immediately.


Need any other general handyman services?

If you are looking for any other handyman service not listed above, please contact us. We always can quote a job as-needed. Just give us your name, problem, and the best time to reach you. We’ll get back to you with a quote. Once we provide this you can contact us at your leisure when you’re ready for our premier. Regardless of the homeowner’s issue, Blue Mountain Handyman Service of Carson City NV is ready to start a project promptly. We are flexible, reliable and just can handle any size scope of work. Call us today at 775-220-7377

At Blue Mountain, our goal is to deliver the impressive quality of work and customer service to every single client… And this includes you!

We hope to develop a long-term relationship with you by being your go-to landscape and handyman service provider. We also hope to provide such services to not just you, but your friends and loved ones.

Contact us today to find out other services we provide and to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Landscape Services


  •    Concrete And Fence Repairs
  •    Lawn Maintenance
  •    Landscape Design, Renovation, And Maintenance
  •    Holiday Decorating
  •    Sprinkler Installation And Repair
  •    Tree Removal
  •    Weed Control
  •    Dethatching
  •    Pruning & Trimming
  •    Yard Clean-Up
  •   And Much More


The Handyman Services

  •    Fixing Leaky Faucets
  •    Installing And Fixing Shower Doors
  •    Fixing Broken Pipes
  •    Flooring Jobs (Tiles, Carpet, Linoleum)
  •    Installing And Fixing Fences Or Decks
  •    Installing And Repairing Doors And Windows
  •    Painting And Touchups (Interior And Exterior)
  •    Polishing Furniture
  •   And Much More

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